Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Whoa is been awhile!

Hi there long lost blogging world, its been awhile.

Its been awhile because shortly after my last post almost two (yes 2!) years ago life got crazy!

Parson started school as a 3 year old and ended up occupational and speech therapy which took up a ton of time. Right around that same time we found out I was pregnant with babe 3! Hannah, who is now 10 months old is such a pretty spunky little joy.

Wyatt who is now two and a half (WHAT?!) has had a crazy last year to. But, more on that to come.

Then our Parson is a spunky, adventurous, strong willed FIVE year old who is starting kindergarten in a few weeks!

Don't worry, there will be more updates on life soon.



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