Saturday, April 5, 2014


April 5th 2011 at 2:47pm....weighing 9.5 pounds and measuring 22 inches long. Parson Dean Jones was born. Wisked away from Mom and Dad quickly and admitted to the NICU for dangerously low blood sugar. Our start was rough.

April 5th 2014....weighing in at 40 pounds and almost 40 inches tall. This boy certainly does not have any health issues now. 

He is kind, smart, curious, and naughty. He loves his little brother and adores his Daddy.

He loves to read, sing and dance...he gets that from his Mama.

Being outside is his favorite thing...regardless of the temperature. 

School buses are his true love, but he loves all things transportation.

He knows all his letters, numbers 1-20, knows his shapes, colors, directions, his full name, the state he lives in, birthdate, can sing countless songs, and knows Mom and Dads "real" names. 

He speaks so clearly now...not perfect but his diction is improving day after day. We drive in the car and need no music because he narrates exactly what he sees out his window. Taking in every moment, object, vehicle,  movement of the world around him.

He will show you the firehouse, hospital, gas stations, train stations, parks, Mr. Phils house, grandmas house, and the infomus red store (target)....and he will most certainly show you all 3 school bus depots in our area. 

His favorite foods are black beans and rice, turkey dogs, cherry tomatoes, apples, grapes, strawberries, french fries, curry chicken and ice cream. 

He is our fabulous first, our biggest little, the boy that made us parents, gave us new meaning to life and has taught us so many lessons.

We love him more than life itself...forever growing and forever our first baby.