Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Babies Make Life Busy!

So I was thinking, I will be on maternity leave, I will have plenty of time to clean, coupon, cook, and love on my baby. Instead my day is full of laundry, cooking , changing diapers, feeding, sleeping, and napping and I LOVE every second of it

Parson started giggling, smiling, and cooing at us and it is the best milestone ever! He is also starting to hold his head up on his own.

Balancing being a wife, mother, and home keeper has presented some hard choices for Aaron and I. We some things we would like to do and change. We will keep you posted on those prayers :)

I have been able to do a lot more now that Parson can play in his play pen or nap for a few hours. At 8 weeks old he dose not need me to hold him every minuet. I have been able to clean and organize cupboards and closets. Scrapbook a little, and keep the house in better order than when I was working.

I love being and becoming the wife, mother, and women of God that the Lord wants me to be.are learning to trust, trust, trust the Lord with everything. We are waiting and praying for his direction on