Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Third trimester - Pregnancy Update

Its here! Its here! My third and final trimester with babe inside is here! I did not think it would ever come. I have had a stellar easy pregnancy...until now.

What morning sickness or food aversions I didn't get in the first trimester are here and showing their ugly faces now. Even though I may feel yucky its such a fantastic sign of a beautiful little life growing inside of me.

Thankfully I have been able to compile a list of foods to avoid to avoid the yucky feeling:

Anything sweet...thats right cookies, cake, ice cream, even yogurt and coffee creamer. I just cant do it. I was at a birthday party this weekend and had a small slice of cake and ice cream. Car pooling with one of my dearest friends...I did not want to puke all over her car...but I was almost sure it was going to happen. Thankfully I made it home and a nap rid of the yucky feeling.

Tomatoes/Tomato soup...which is almost more sad than losing sweets. I think its the richness of the soup that does me in.

My staple meals and snacks have been:

Seltzer water
Salad with hard boiled eggs and sunflower seeds
Toast with avocado
Hard boiled eggs
Life cereal
Grilled cheese
Raw veggies like cucumbers, carrots, orange bell peppers
Broth like soups (veggie, stew, ect)
Black bean quisdillas

My body changed so quickly this pregnancy...I didn't really grow faster but my hips widened months earlier than they did with my first pregnancy. I was able to wear most of my own pants with a hair band well into the third trimester with Parson. Well those pants have been long gone for quite a few weeks now. Sheerly because my hips have grown.

I gained 32 pounds with Parsons pregnancy and I am on track to gain the same amount give or take 5 pounds which is comforting that little brother and I can both stay healthy.

I am not nervous at all for labor and delivery this time, probably because i've done it before and know kind of what to expect. Lots of braxton hicks help me remember that my body will be practicing for a the next 12 weeks :)

Besides feeling tired and the beginnings uncomfortable I am so thankful to have reached this far and am more than happy to deal with these small no fun parts of pregnancy to have a sweet boy in my arms in just a few more weeks!

5 weeks

27 weeks 5 days

Its pretty amazing what a womans body can do. :)


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Prince Charming

October 11 is almost here and it is a special day at our house, its Daddy/Hubby's birthday.

This guy I tell you is a real life prince charming. Not only because he works so hard for us, supports us in all ways possible, is loving, caring, the best daddy ever, but also the best support and friend that I could ever want.

Dont get me wrong, he isn't perfect...and neither am I. So we drive each other nuts lots of times but balance each other perfectly.

Aaron has been gone on a business trip this whole past week, him being gone made me miss him of course but also realize how much of my day revolves around a good way. He by no means expects any of this from me but its just one way I show him love.

We are so spoiled having him around/available so much more often then before. Parson has had a heck of a time with Daddy being gone. He missed Daddy so bad, he wanted to sleep with a picture of him after he was gone for just a few days. So there is a picture of Aaron from our wedding day taped to the toddler rail on Parsons bed.

I rise when he and Parson rise and make coffee and breakfast for the three of us, we watch the news together in the morning and while he gets ready for work I make his lunch. After he leaves for the day includes lots of things focused on Parson. Nap time is my time of solace. But in the afternoon my day is busy with making sure his work clothes are clean and preparing dinner. One of my favorite things to do is have dinner ready and the house semi picked up when he gets home. Not only does it make him feel welcome but it also makes me feel proud. That I am able to keep our home and provide a loving environment for our family. Again, he does not expect this from just one way I like to show love.

I hear men and women all the time talk about how they don't mind staying late at work just because they don't want to go home for fear of whats waiting. I want Aaron to want to come home and feel wanted. Again, there are days I am grouchy and un grateful and pregnant and ready to push Parson his way the second he walks in the door. Even on days like that, he takes Parson, eats cereal, is fine with the house being messy and doesn't care that every dish isn't clean and the laundry isn't done.

He has an amazing way of making me feel like the best mom and wife ever even if I am grouchy, still in my jimmies from 3 days ago, un showered with no decent food in the house. He still tells me I am great and doing a good job and simply makes do.

Lots of days I dread waking up and preparing and cleaning every meal and doing endless amounts of laundry just to do it all over again the next day. When I get into this mopey woe is me I do everything (which isn't true) moods...our relationship suffers. I get 100% focused on me and not on "us".

I had been in one of those sorry moods for awhile and it was making us miserable. I heard a speaker at a bible study I attend for Moms a few times a month. And it was exactly what I needed to hear. She said "Stop blaming your husband, start treating him the way you want him to treat you" I know this is a well spoken, we hear it all the time quote...but for whatever reason it was the smack in the face I needed that Thursday morning. It made an immediate difference in how we interacted with each other. If you haven't tried or done this... I dare you to, just for 2 days...and see what happens.

I am so thankful for him, I am thankful for his imperfections, and things that drive me crazy, and I am thankful for all the things that make me love him more.

We love you Aaron Jones.