Monday, April 23, 2012

My Dream Comes True!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a Mom.... specifically a stay at home Mom. Up until recently I have been a working out side the home Mama, which is do able and great for some families.

A few weeks ago we were at our breaking point financially and emotionally. I was beyond exhausted and the dollars earned verses the dollars of health insurance and daycare just did not match. After lots and lots...and lots of prayer we decided that it was time that I stopped working outside the home for pay. That is right you heard me I put in my two weeks notice.

My last day as a working for pay Mama is this Friday April 27!

Am I excited? Yes! Am I nervous? Yes! Are we going to live off of rice and beans? Yes! Do I get monitor our family budget penny by penny? Yes! Do I get to spend all of my time focusing on my faith and family? YES!!

Parson will be in care until May 2nd because I have some serious baby proofing to do. Why you ask? Because my little baby is walking. Yes I know he really is a toddler now, but this Mama's heart is still trying to catch up.

On top of this walking business, he climbs...everything. He says a handful of words clearly. Things like Mama, Dada, Truck, Bu-Bye, Kitty Cat, Ball, All Done, and he is trying real hard to say bath.

He LOVES books. He walks on over to the book shelf and will pull off as many as I let him. Then we will look at them all over and over again.

So even though we are going to be broke, even though we cant eat out, drive fancy cars, shop at goodwill, penny pinch, and cloth diaper...I really don't mind the work. Why you ask? Because I am investing my time and energy into my two favorite people on the hubby and son.

Monday, April 9, 2012

1 Year Old?

That's right you heard me, 52 weeks, 365 days, 12 months, or 1 whole year.....1 whole year old.

My sweet little baby went from fragile newborn to a wobbly toddler. From sleepless nights, diaper changes, constant feedings, and warm snuggles; to lots of playing, finger foods, wagon rides, and trucks.

From free and easy, sleeping late, all about me; to bedtime routines, bath time, and all about him.

Our life runs at a mile a second and sometimes I don't get the laundry done, my house is a mess, and we eat cereal for dinner and our hair isn't clean....but that's okay because our little baby is healthy and growing strong.

My sweet angel is 1.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Eater

I love this little messy eater more and more each day <3