Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 days in!

So I am on day 3 of this challenge group that I am apart of. So far its been going pretty good...despite the mini candy bars hanging out on top of my fridge for trick or treaters this weekend.

I have been drinking the Shakeology at least once a day. I'm trying to find a recipe that I like. I mean its not the worst tasting thing ever, but it takes some getting used to :) I love eating healthy food, it feels good. So that part is pretty easy. Again, except for the stupid candy bars on top of my fridge and I won't lie. Monday and today I have had 2 mini kit kat bars. I know its not the end of the world...but still.

About that halloween candy. I always battle with Halloween. I mean its so fun for Parson to get dressed up and go get "treats". I always have a variety in my bowl to pass out. It usually is candy, glow sticks, and temporary tattoos. You would be surprised how many kids pick the glow sticks and tattoos over candy.

So what do I do about all the "junk" that Parson gets in his bag? Well the last two years I have just been swapping it out with stuff I "want" him to eat. I don't think that is going to work this year. My plan for this year is let him go trick or treating, let him enjoy candy (an acceptable amount) on Halloween. Then the next day he will have an option. He can trade his candy for a new set of legos or 2 trips to the aquatic center. Then the candy will go to work with daddy and all the grown ups there can enjoy it :) I will stills swap out a few thinks like my favorite go to lolly-pops for him.

We will see how it goes. What do you think he will choose? Legos or the aquatic center. I am torn, those are two of his favorite things. I am excited to see what he chooses.

Workouts have been going pretty good. I still love PiYo and boy my arms are sore still from Monday! Today one of the coaches in the challenge group decided that our challenge for the day was to do 10 squats every time we had to use the potty. Let me tell you, when you are trying to drink at least a gallon of water each day and you have had two have to use the bathroom a lot. So its 3:59 and I have done 50 squats today.

Here are a few pictures from the first few days...

Breakfast day one! Coffee, Steel cut oats with raspberries, banana and a drizzle of raw local honey

These came in a 4 pack. I LOVE them. This is the only one I ate. Parson as since then eaten them.

Day one workout! PiYo hardcore on the floor. Wyatt literally laughed at me the ENTIRE time.

Chocolate Raspberry Shakeology breakfast day 3

Parsons lunch on day 2. Turkey and hummus roll up, green pepper, sliced apples, and baby carrots

Lunch day 2! Meijer has delish ready made salads with berries and pecans! You don't even need dressing.

50 squats in

I told you I would sprinkle some cute. ;)

Now, on to my workout for today. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A change of pace

Ive been gone for a long time. With two very cute and time consuming reasons to blame...

Wyatt 9 months

Parson 3 1/2 years

This blog has been primarily about the doing of our everyday life and about our two adorable boys. This blog is about to have a little change.

After I gave birth to Wyatt and I was around 6 weeks postpartum. I started heading to the gym and running with by best friend. We were hardcore. We pushed through injuries and kept on going and getting better and better. Heck, we actually started to like running! I dropped all my baby weight thanks to my diet, exercise and breastfeeding.

Summer rolled around and our schedules got busier then our little family bought a home. Our time was consumed with parties, house shopping, packing, vacations, and moving. Needless to say diet and exercise got put on the back burner. Boy, I can tell. 9 pounds later I'm feeling a whole lot less motivated.

Before the craziness of the summer hit, I signed up to become a beach body coach. I ordered PiYo (a mix of pilaties and yoga) an at home work out that kicked my butt. I loved it. But we all have our struggles.

At the time I was dealing with Wyatt being super sensitive to dairy and eggs. So, that meant no dairy or eggs for me since we were elusively breastfeeding the time. That made a diet hard. Lots of carbs, meats, and peanut butter ;) That also meant I could not drink Shakeology which was part of the beach body plan. ( No worries folks its not like slim fast, its just mix you toss in your smoothie for an extra boost of nutrients and protein).

Now that Wyatt is not as sensitive to when I have dairy and eggs, my diet has freed up again! Parson is in school a few hours a week and thats ample time on those days for me to squeeze a workout in. Who knows maybe ill brush off my running shoes and go for a run this week with my running buddy.

Anyway, this blog is going to be my diary. My tell all about my journey to a healthier life...not a smaller number. In fact. We aren't even going to talk numbers here. We are going to talk about how I feel, how my workouts are getting "easier" and how my clothes fit. Because ladies (and gents) your more than a number. You are worth a healthier life...and I am discovering that I am to.

My beginning goals are:

Workout 5-6 days weather its walking, running, PiYo or whatever...something
Feed myself (it seems like a no brainer, ask any parent they will understand)
Feed myself nutrient dense food. Feed myself as well as I feed my kids. (you'll also see what I feed my kids daily to. It about a healthy family for me..not only me)

Get ready for lots of food shots, sweaty post workout shots, a touch of cuteness from the boys and probably a whole lot of complaining at first. Join me if you want or just sit back and watch.

Oh and feel free to send me a note of encouragement because...I like brownies ;)