Thursday, July 18, 2013

What lies ahead

Few its been a crazy month!

In the last month we have:

Gotten our home ready to show/sell
Listed our home
Sold (almost) our home
Went to Michigan for two weeks to try and find a new place to live...this is still in the works :/
Booked a shipping trailer to send all our stuff 900 miles north
Raising a crazy 2 year old
Oh and I am busy growing baby number 2!

It has been a whirlwind of a month and I don't think my pregnancy hormones are making all this less emotional :P

We have wanted to try and move back to Michigan since about the time Parson was born. The Lord is opening up all of these doors and showing us NOW is the time.

We are still trying to find a place to live in Michigan...a rental to be specific. Oh and Aaron is trying to find a full time job in Michigan to. He has freelance but you know...a full time job with benefits would be amazing. We have been purchasing our own health insurance for over a year now and it would be nice to have those benefits through a company again :)

Even though we have been trying so hard to get back to Michigan we are certainly going to miss Georgia to.

We are going to miss our friends, church small group family, church, and crazy enough I am going to miss having local farmers that I can trust. I am also going to miss my midwife :)

Even though this all seems absolutely crazy and last minuet it is clear that it is in the Lords plan. We know that he will provide a home of our own to rent, a job for Aaron and all the little and big pieces in between.

- Patty