Sunday, May 30, 2010

Its been to long!

Sorry everyone, it has been months since the last time I posted!

We have been so busy the past few months! At the beginning of February we started looking for homes and by the end of February we found the house of our dreams and closed on it! We moved in at the beginning of March and have been doing projects like painting, yard work, decorating, and getting used to cleaning a much place. I must say Ross and Goodwill are definitly the places to get decorations for fabulous prices

I have also really started cuponing, like seriously taking the time to make sure I get the best deals. For instnance I got two tubs of Country Crock butter for -22 cents a piece! I made 44 cents buying the butter...its great. Today I spent $32.00 for over $100.00 worth of groceries! It is definitly worth the two hours each weekend to make it happen.

We have also started a small group through church. We are with 3 other couples that we LOVE spending time with and we are continuing our walk with Christ togeather and learning how to be married with Christ in the center!

I also quit Facebook a while. It has been nice not waiting to much time on envying other people. I am learning to be thankful for what I have and the women that God has created me to be!

I will have to post some pictures soon!!