Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wyatt Stanley Jones is here - Labor Story

3 weeks later, after many days of trying, I have this post written. Written so someday Wyatt can know how he came into this world :)

Thats right, Wyatt Stanley Jones came into this world on January 14, 2014 at 11:36pm at 8.9 pounds and 20.5 inches long. Almost a pound and 1.5 inches smaller than Parson...and boy did he come quick

Rewind to January 12...I was OVER it. The sun was shining so we went for a 3 mile walk to get things going. After the walk I had two contractions and that was it. Right then I said...Im done. I am done bouncing on the yoga ball, I'm done walking, and I'm done trying to make him come. He will come when he is ready.

I spent Monday and Tuesday morning relaxing and playing with Parson. Monday the weather was great and I had a burst of energy so I cleaned and went to the grocery store and stocked up on basics and made a pot of potato soup. Went to bed and slept great, woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was going to be a normal day. Looking forward to the doctors appointment that I would have on Thursday. Thursday it was mandatory that I would be checked for dilation...I had refused checking at my previous appointments.

Jan.14.14 Parson and Mommy - my last few moments as a Mom of 1

Right after I felt my first contraction!

About 4:00 on Thursday I was putting away clean laundry and I stopped because I thought I may have felt a contraction. No way I said, I am crazy and just wishing thats what that was. 4:30 came and I had another. I had a few more before 5pm. I texted my Doula and my sister and law and my text read "I am about to say the stupid line...I think I am having contractions" my sister got excited and my doula said to keep her posted. I changed my clothes, made dinner for Parson, and started walking laps around our very very small house. Aaron got home at 5:30 and I finally told him I was having contractions and that I thought we may need to go in at some point tonight. At about 6 I texted my doula again and said "well these are contractions and they are about 10min apart, and they are getting stronger. But nothing I cant deal with" She called me immediately and talked with me through a contraction. At this point they were uncomfortable but I could still walk and talk through them.

By 7 they were about 7-8min apart and almost 2 min long. Aaron gave Parson a long bath so I could labor in the quiet. We put Parson to bed at 8 and my contractions were about 5min apart. I was still in denial that this was real labor because the contractions were not that bad compared to the pitocin induced contractions I had with Parson. At this point I called everyone and said at some point we are going to the hospital. I called my Grandma and talked with her for a bit...still managing to be able to talk to the contractions without much trouble. I had purchased chicken in bulk the day as my Aaron is trying to hurry me out the door to the hospital, I refused to go until the chicken was separated and put in the freezer. :P

About 8:30 my BFF showed up to sleep at the house with Parson and Aaron was driving me bananas telling me we had to go to the hospital right now because the on call doctor said so. My contractions were about 3min apart and I could no longer talk or walk through them. I texted my doula and told her to meet us at the hospital.

Moments before we left for the hospital...woah look at all that belly!

9:15 I am checked into my room and my blood pressure is kinda they hook me up to the monitors, put me in a stupid gown and made me LAY DOWN. Right..laying down is the worst thing ever when your in labor. That was the longest 15min of my whole labor. They checked me and I was 4/5 cm dilated. Finally after 15 long long minuets they said I could get up and walk or whatever and wear my own clothes!

I intended on walking around or laboring in the jacuzzi tub....that did not happen. After a few more contractions our doula said "mmm I don't think we are walking anywhere." she also told us she thought I would deliver by Midnight...I thought she was nuts. I labored with a yoga ball with the help of our doula, Aaron, and some lavender essential oil for a little over an hour. It was funny because in between contractions I felt "normal" so normal I was trying to have conversations with people...I think our Doula told be to stop talking and rest between contractions 3 times before I listened, good thing I did!

At about 10:15 my contractions were very strong and during contractions and what I know was transition I started doubting myself, my body, and questioning what the heck I was doing. Again after some assuring words from our Doula and Aaron I knew I could do it. The nurses had me get into bed so I could be checked and I was at 8!

After a few more contractions they called the on call doctor, who was not my primary OB but turned out to be fantastic. My water had not broken yet...she looked at me and said...if I break your water your baby is going to come almost immediately. We said okay, she broke my water and my body started pushing. I remember yelling "Im not trying to push its just happening!" and no one was worried...because it was time. Again, I had to focus and get my head in the game.

Our birth plan said that I didn't wanted to be told when to push...and I was nervous that I wouldn't know when and how. Literally the on call OB took a seat on her stool and just watched for quite a few contractions while my body "pushed" for me...which is exactly what we wanted. I finally asked "Can you see my baby yet?!" she said yes and a few pushes later at 11:38pm Wyatt  Stanley Jones was here!

Now immediately after I gave birth I felt I had not just given birth...I mean I didn't even end up with an IV. Which is great...because I loath them.  It was so strange. After I had Parson...I felt like a zombie...not well. I think that was the cause of a very long almost 24 hours of active labor and my body trying to come off a bunch of medicine.

I was healthy, Wyatt was healthy, and I did it, my body did it. After the whirlwind, confusion, and fear from Parsons labor and delivery, I am thankful I had the natural birth I have always wanted to experience. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Funny enough, Wyatt's natural labor was much less scary than Parsons medicated induced labor and delivery.

I am thankful that I had a healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery and baby. At the end of the day, regardless of how Wyatt came into this world...I would have been happy as long as we were both healthy.