Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthy VS. Un Healthy

Since Aaron and I have been making a conscious effort to be healthy I have noticed some things.

Like grocery's. When I grocery shopped before my budget was at least $20 less before we started buying more produce, whole grains, and less processed foods. Since America is constantly on crash diets and complaining about obesity rates and look at the stores! It is cheaper to buy Little Debbie products than it is to buy fresh fruit!

Also, Gym memberships. $40 a month! Workout videos are $15-$20 a piece. These just are not prices that my Dave Ramsey budget can work with.

The "diet" or quest to change lifestyles is going. I am down 6lbs total and am working towards a achievable goal. Drinking more water, trying to exercise regularly and eating in more and out less.

We are getting closer to that special event and I am so excited! I cant write it hear for fear the people that we are keeping it secret from are reading this. But no worries it is worth the wait!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Recently I have been told I am a very domestic wife. I suppose it is true...I really like domestic things. I like to cook, clean, organize, decorate and be creative about life and house stuff. So I guess I am writing this to let everybody know that I am ok with being domestic and I really enjoy it. :)

So m most recent "Domestic" venture was making homemade preserves. I made Strawberry and Peach Cinnamon. So far the strawberry has been a hit and I am going to serve the peach cinnamon tomorrow, we will see which wins the cake. :)

Mom and Dad Jones come down next week and we are so excited to have some family around! Mom Jones is going to teach me to can with the "water bath method" I am just using freezable plastic containers now. They work for temporary uses but not for storing purposes.

I will post some pictures and some reviews of the preserves soon.