Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wyatt Stanley Part 1

Our sweet and spunky Wyatt. He is kind, soft spoken, and such a typical sweet little boy. He loves trains, his brother and is such a Daddys boy.

Wyatt had a rough year. He had more blood drawn that I have had my whole life. He's seen nurologists, had a year of PT, and has worked so so hard to over come muscle myopathy.

When Wyatt hit six months old we went to his well check. He was a healthy big boy just like his big brother. He wasn't crawling yet, but no one was worried. After all, Parson didn't crawl till he was nearly one!

Fastforward to his one year appointment. Still a healthy, happy, talkative big guy! He still wasn't crawling. He would army crawl and pull himself around with his arms on his belly. He didn't pull up and didn't know how to get from laying to sitting. We thought, he is just a late bloomer. No one was worried. We would give it a few more months.

We went to his 15 month appointment. He was still healthy. He was starting to string words together, he had more words than Parson ever did at this age. He was so happy all the time! He still wasn't crawling, he still was not pulling up, or getting to sitting on his own. His pediatrician told us it was time to look into it. To find out why he was just so far behind...not just a little delayed.

We got X-rays first. At this point I was a few months pregnant with Hannah. You know what ill never forget. Ill never forget my 15 month old screaming behind a door while a nurse talks sweetly to him so they can X-ray his hips, legs, and feet. Wishing I could be in there with him. We waited a few days. The X-rays came back normal....thats good right?

Then we got blood work. The first lab couldn't find his tiny veins. So we packed up and went to the hospital. Parson was so nervous. He didn't like watching his little brother get poked anymore than I did. Thankfully, the nurse was able to get the blood draw on the first poke. They said you'll know the results in a few days.

A few days past and I missed a call from Wyatts pediatrician. A message that said "Hi Patty, this is Dr. Locke. I got Wyatts blood work back, can you please call me." First I thought, well we have a great relationship with our pediatrician, maybe she was calling to tell me good news! I returned her call. She was and is so kind and explains things so well to us. She said that Wyatts CK (Creatine Kinase) enzyme level was elevated. Not just a little elevated. Elevated enough that we needed to go see a neurologist.



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